Gate69 is South Africa’s premier cabaret theatre and corporate function hire hotspot!

Think Burlesque meets The Birdcage and you have a recipe that’s too fresh to flop! Ornate, plush, classy, and mysterious, Gate69 offers a complete and heightened sensory experience. Step into a world you’ve never been to before! – A world in which we welcome you to get lost in the magic that is cabaret!

Cosy and intimate, audience members never feel excluded from what is happening on stage. At Gate69, guests are not guests, but family. Patrons indulge in simple yet exquisite mezze cuisine and world-class entertainment, and are embraced by the inextinguishable enthusiasm of the staff.

This gem in the heart of the Mother City couldn’t be more perfectly placed  right in the middle of the oh-so-trendy Bree street. Cape Town’s own mini Moulin Rouge delivers only the best, every time.

Gate69  First Class, World Class!


  • Cosy and intimate
  • World Class entertainment
  • Unparalleled service