Earth Fair Market

The city centre and Tokai markets offer up Gourmet eats, blooming flowers and homemade pies, complimented by fresh vegetables, fruits and other farm goods like jams, butters and the most delightful strawberries. Free range meat cuts sit in baskets and all kinds of fish are laid out in trays of salt, with delicious snacks and meals around every corner and the aromas of handcrafted soaps and lip balms filling the air. There is a real farmstyle feel to proceedings, with customers able to enjoy their purchases on the numerous trestle tables laid out in the halls or outside. The cheeses and and organically certified dried goods at Tokai make a trip to this market well worth it.

While you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the city centre’s working population out on a Thursday in St George’s Mall looking for their fix of wholesome lunch options, you’ll find a different breed in the neighbourhood of Tokai on a Saturday morning or late Wednesday afternoon. Wholesome and artisanal is still the order of the day, but you could encounter some live music or even a barn dance or two.


Fresh produce including fresh meat cuts, fish, vegetables, fruit, cheeses, nuts and dried goods

Other artisanal products such as homemade soaps and lip balms also make an appearance

Seating available to enjoy meals bought at the market

Two markets – city centre and Tokai