Cattle Baron Steak Ranch

There are three types of Cattle Baron franchises. The first and most popular is the Steak Ranch, where traditional booths set the scene for a family-friendly atmosphere. The Grill House is a little more classic and luxurious, with white tablecloths and a curated menu. Finally, the Bistro is the Cattle Baron’s answer to modern dining.

The extensive traditional menu is complimented with an equally comprehensive wine list, with a few of the best local wines from each region to choose from. If you’d like to bring your own wine instead, most Cattle Baron branches don’t charge for corkage. Meals also come with a complimentary (and delicious) creamed spinach and butternut dish for the table.


  • Cattle Baron is a restaurant group with steak ranches and grill houses across South Africa
  • Select from a wide range of steaks, burgers, seafood, and vegetarian meals
  • Cuisine: Traditional steakhouse and bistro dining
  • Ambience: From traditional family-friendly restaurants to modern bistros to classy fine dining
  • Speciality dishes: flambéed chateaubriand fillet steak, green pepper fillet Madagascar, T-bone, pork loin ribs, and cordon bleu


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