Casa Labia

Casa Labia is a cultural centre that is a national monument, built in 1929 to mirror the beauty of 18th century Venice. It is located in the seaside village of Kalk Bay, the picturesque cliffs of the mountains rising steeply behind sloping streets and avenues. 

The cultural centre includes the South African Print Gallery. The gallery has a permanent residence at the house, showcasing exhibitions from both emerging and established artists. The on-site restaurant is called the Cucina Labia and is a great place to sit down for some brunch, lunch or a charming afternoon tea.

A musical accompaniment is often present, making sure to include both modern and classical works. Casa Labia also serves as a venue for weddings, film shoots and corporate functions.


  • The Casa Labia Cultural Centre includes the South African Print Gallery
  • On-site restaurant with brunch, lunch or afternoon tea
  • Ideal for beautiful weddings, film shoots and corporate functions