Cape Boat Charters

From beginners to seasoned fisherman, fighting the rod for tuna aboard one of the Cape Boat Charter’s tours offers an exciting and truly uniquely South African experience. Launch in historical Simon’s Town and behold the beautiful shores, quaint towns and picturesque cliffs that line the edges of the vast ocean. Cape Boat Charter’s skipper is also a registered tour guide, ensuring a responsible, professional and safe trip.

From there, you’ll head out on your chartered course for either inshore or offshore fishing. Inshore, you’ll find game fish such as yellowtail, snoek and katonkel, as well as incredible vistas of Cape Point from the perspective of the sea. Offshore fishing specifically targets large yellowfin and longfin tuna, as well as occasional marlin, dorado and Southern Atlantic bluefin tuna. Cape Fur Seals are guaranteed to pop their heads up to see what’s on the catch, and if you’re lucky, you’ll come into contact with a pod of dolphins or whales.


  • South African fishing charters for both beginners and seasoned fishermen
  • Inshore fishing for yellowtail, snoek and katonkel
  • Offshore fishing for large yellowfin and longfin tuna, marlin, dorado, and Southern Atlantic bluefin tuna