Bridgewater Manor Guesthouse

The Tsitsikamma Nature Reserve, reached by ferries across the water, ensures wildlife conservation and tours remain a top priority of this region. Opposite on the northern shore, houses are dotted across green banks that overlook small fishing boats and the quaint quay on the waterfront. Around late June, the streets play host to the Knysna Oyster Festival, an event that attracts tourists from far and wide. An hour and a half drive out from the town lies the Cango Caves, a surreal subterranean world of cave systems that stretch for over 4km.

The guesthouse has five rooms with lagoon-facing views while the sixth sits above the manor’s gardens. Along with a communal pool, all have balconies and complimentary Wi-Fi while the property has safe and secure parking.


  • Rooms overlooking the lagoon
  • The Knysna Oyster Festival
  • Across the lagoon from the Tsitsikamma Nature Reserve
  • A quiet and secluded getaway
  • Near top-quality golf courses


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