Black Bird Construction

Black Bird Construction is a very successful general contractor and construction company with 51 years of experience, building since 1967.

Located in Cape Town, South Africa our focus is infrastructure and development opportunities, the company’s capability is delivered through focused business units acting in synergy. Our aim is to provide the highest quality turnkey construction building services to the complete satisfaction of our clients, meeting strict deadlines and sustaining profitability. As a general contractor/builder we coordinate and manage all phases of construction, beginning with the analysis of building design right through to project completion. Serving many satisfied clients over the years, we have established a broad and diverse portfolio of varying construction and building projects carried out by Black Bird Construction and its Green Building division, GAIACON.

GAIACON, our green building division where construction practice expands and complements the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort. Committed to the protection of the environment our green building objectives are to construct in a manner that reduces the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural surroundings. The company encourages a culture of environmental awareness and care amongst its employees, contractors and clients through information, training and supervision.

The company and its professionals, are fully BEE compliant, registered with the NHBRC and follow very strict building practices. The Company has completed over 80 claims flawlessly in the last 2 years and this has made us a preferential builder for many repeat clients such as CIB. We have since built strong relationships with many brokers and completed multiple claims for various insurance companies such as Econorisk, Phoenix All Risk, Barton, First Time Delivery, TI Brokers, and PSG Insure to name a few. We also have access to a broad database of professionals, artisans and subcontractors that can handle any type of repairs, meaning you will only need to call us in to handle the entire claim or home project to meet your needs.

Long-term relationships are valued, and our clients are the best testament to our commitment to superior value and dedication to delivering construction and building services of the highest quality.

Succeeded and continuing to grow in its main objective to gain recognition as a high-quality building company with diverse capability in handling a wide variety of projects in a cost-effective and profitable manner.


  • Over 3000 projects completed.
  • Good quality and efficient service.
  • The very best building rates possible making us incredibly competitive.
  • Development and construction of various types of projects throughout the Western Cape, South Africa.
  • GAIACON: Our Green Building Solution supports green procurement and encourages our operations to give preference to sub-contractors and suppliers that adopt environmentally responsible practices as well as environmental management.