Apex Shark Expeditions

Feel the rush of an authentic holiday in the Mother City when you go shark cage diving in Cape Town with Apex Shark Expeditions. Apex continuously upholds the ethos of respect and admiration for these magnificent creatures through a safe and educational experience.

Located 45 minutes out of Cape Town, you’ll head out to Seal Island in the waters of False Bay or the aptly-named Shark Alley in Gansbaai. You can also choose to view the prehistoric Spotted Cow Shark at Pyramid Rock, snorkel with fur seals at Duiker Island and may catch glimpses of mako and blue sharks.

This licensed tour operator is known as the first choice among documentary makers from National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, the BBC and Animal Planet. As well as experiencing shark cage diving and predatory breaching, you’ll always witness the huge efforts made by Apex towards marine wildlife conservation. There are also specialty tours such as the Sardine Run, the Great White Trail and the Great White Sharks of Guadalupe.


  • First choice for documentary filmmakers around the world
  • Specialist tours available
  • Destinations include the waters of False Bay, Seal Island, Duiker Island and Gansbaai