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Whether you’re looking for Day Tours in Cape Town, Safaris or Overland Trips, a visit to the African Travel Desk website or a call to a knowledgeable and friendly travel agent will assist you in planning your adventure with a no-obligation quote sent to you for your trip to South Africa.

The team at African Travel Desk has travelled across Southern Africa for over 10 years, and can, therefore, provide first-hand travel recommendations when it comes to Overland tours between South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique and many more incredible places.

Boasting one of Cape Town’s premier booking portals for everything worth doing in Cape Town, and the rest of Southern Africa, you will be able to book Lodges, Game Drives and your Holiday Villas.  African Travel Desk loves to share the beauty of South Africa with visitors to this country and help you quench your thirst for discovery.



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