Africa Explore Safaris

Bespoke Safari Itineraries are assembled following extensive discussions with guests. Time is taken to explore different options, at different budgets and on different timelines to ensure that guests are satisfied that the prepared bespoke itineraries are exactly what they desire.

As a rule,  Africa Explore Safaris include as much as possible in their quoted rates. This will usually include meals and drinks with unrestricted choices off the menu.  Also included are the gratuities so that guests may relax and enjoy their special holiday experience comfortable in the knowledge that Africa Explore Safaris has taken care of all the necessary arrangements.

Africa Explore Safaris is primarily a Private and Bespoke Safari Outfitter and Operator. They will also arrange tours and safaris for small groups of discerning travellers to any destination of their choice and on their own unique budget.  WiFi is available in their vehicles.

The operator promises services and experiences far beyond the guests’ expectations and creates life-long memories for their guests.



  • Bespoke luxury safaris
  • Personal and attentive care for guests
  • Meticulous planning and attention to detail