Panthera Africa – Big Cat Sanctuary

Less than two hours from Cape Town, the Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary is home to white and tawny lions, tigers, a black leopard and caracals. Panthera Africa is also a registered non-profit company, and all of the animals are captive-bred big cats that have been rescued from bad conditions in captivity. Now, they live in vast natural enclosures with beautiful surroundings on a 40-hectare piece of African paradise.

Named after the four pantheras, panthera leo – the lion, panthera pardus – the leopard, panthera onca - the jaguar and panthera tigris – the tiger, Panthera Africa aims to educate visitors on animal welfare and environmental conservation. As a true animal sanctuary, there is no cub petting, interaction, breeding or trading of the animals.


- See tawny and white lions tigers, a black leopard and caracals
- Less than two hours from Cape Town
- A sanctuary for captive-bred big cats rescued from bad conditions in captivity


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