Kitesurfing and kiteboarding in Cape Town

Thanks to our incredible coastline and infamous wind which locals call “The Cape Doctor”, Cape Town is an idyllic kitesurfing and kiteboarding destination for beginners and pros alike! Surfing the wind is an adrenaline rush that will blow your hair back and leave you with memories for life. See how, where, why and when to try kitesurfing in Cape Town.


You can go from being a complete beginner to standing on a board with confidence in roughly four days with the care and encouragement you’ll get at kitesurfing schools like Coastline Kitesurfing. They’ve taught students as young as 11 and as old as 65, so you know you’re in good hands! You’ll learn everything from theory and safety procedures, to how to launch and land the kite and of course board riding techniques. They can take you from zero to hero, but be warned, kite surfing can be mega addictive!

Blaauwberg kite surfer with lions head

Location, location, location

Blouberg’s Big Bay is a global kite surfing hot spot, so much so that Red Bull chose it as the venue for the annual Red Bull King of the Air competition. It has the perfect combo of waves, wind and an epic backdrop of Table Mountain.

That said, Cape Town has over 30 beaches to choose from, with Witsand near Cape Point and Shark Bay and Main Beach in Langebaan high on the list of beaches pros love.

Watch our Neighbourhood Guide to Blouberg to see more:



For anyone who loves the ocean or adventure, this is a no-brainer. Feeling the wind in your hair as you soar over the sea is pure freedom. Ask any kitesurfer and they’ll tell you there is some kind of magic that happens every time you don a wetsuit and head for the waters, especially with views like these:

Kitesurfing in Blouberg


Although conditions are best from November to March, you can enjoy kitesurfing year-round, as long as the wind conditions are right.

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