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November 26, 2020

These are Sifiso and Sibusiso’s tips on how to enjoy the Mother City without breaking the bank:

  1. Plan. “We do our research and decide where we want to go, how we’re getting there and find out what we’re going to need. If all that is going to cost a bucket load, we give ourselves enough time to save.” 
  2. Free hiking trails. “Lion’s Head trails probably know us better than we know ourselves by now. We can’t get enough of the awesome coastal and city views this mountain offers. The first time we took a stab at climbing it was a literal nightmare – it was at night and we didn’t have any guidance, let alone hiking experience. We’ve had picnics at Table Mountain and witnessed the sun set or rise on Kloof Corner. We are also no strangers to the beautiful Paarl Rock.” 
  3. Share costs. “Roping friends into these adventures not only takes the fun to a completely new level, but also makes things affordable as we share costs. Wine tasting with friends is one of our favourite things and going to Kirstenbosch to kick back and watch great performances when it’s that time of year.” 
  4. Public transport. “Makes our lives easier, no petrol worries. We make use of it to travel to most of our hiking destinations and beaches on a hot summer day. It allows us access around Woodstock to check out some street art, or Observatory lower main to sink our teeth into Big Mommas affordable hearty and filling meals. Wherever we go, we mingle with the locals, as they know where to find cheap yet authentic cultural experiences.” 
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