International Public Art Festival 2023 in Cape Town CBD: 1-5 March

Running from 1-5 March 2023, the International Public Art Festival (IPAF) is back for its 7th edition, adding even more creativity and colour to the streets of Cape Town. IPAF, Africa’s largest Public Art Festival, hosted by Baz-Art, showcases innovative local and international creative talent, who create one-of-a-kind large-scale outdoor public artworks.

This free-to-public festival will happen in and around The Company’s Garden, in Cape Town City Centre – one of the oldest gardens in South Africa. This year, and for the first time, the public will experience art beyond street art and murals. This festival will include installations, sculptures, art activations, outdoor pop-up exhibitions, performances, panel talks, and much more.

The Company’s Garden will also be the start of the Festival’s Public Art Route, which one can do as a guided tour or with a self-guided map. Expect the route to be filled with art discoveries and interaction. Baz-Art believes that art should be accessible to all, and IPAF celebrates art that is created for the people! Working with incredible artists, the festival showcases site-specific public artworks that form part of shared outdoor community spaces, reflecting and adding to the diverse culture of Cape Town. The festival’s vision is to grow a greater awareness of the powerful social and economic impact of public art to unleash the potential of the creative sector in Africa.

The question of “What If” serves as the core theme of the festival. The exploration of the theme will be showcased through the selected public artworks & activations, that explore and navigate the open-ended question in innovative and large ways. This year’s theme of “What if?” seeks to push the boundaries of the ‘known’, to expand minds, creativities and spaces. Everyone is invited to create, play and dream together at IPAF 2023!

Baz-Art is on a mission to spearhead Africa’s creative economy in not only creating opportunities for artists but also intending to showcase how ART SPEAKS LOUDER in the exploration of the many different ways and forms to tell a story.

Follow IPAF on Instagram and Facebook and check out the IPAF blog to stay up to date with all upcoming activations, events and workshops during the festival. 

Read more about IPAF 2023 here.

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