Infecting the City is a Capetonian institution. Every year since 2007 this public arts festival has been filling the city with an eclectic blend of performance art, exhibition and public engagement.

Curated by UCT’s Institute for Creative Arts, the festival is a creative response to what is happening in the country, and the world, at any given time and can move between frivolous and weighty in the blink of an eye. The festival is designed as a way of engaging the public and often presents difficult, challenging and innovative perspectives to questions of politics, race and gender.

In the words of Jay Pather, curator from the ICA, “Art in public spaces affords us moments of dreamy enchantment and doses of reality that come with being exposed and vulnerable to these publics pulling in different directions.”

The festival is a must-see for anybody interested in engaging with the city’s artistic community.



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Monday & Tuesday 18 & 19 November from 5.30pm

Tuesday & Wednesday 19 & 20 November from 12.00

Thursday 21 November 10am to 3pm

Thursday & Friday 21 & 22 November from 5.30pm

Friday 22 November from 12:00 | Saturday 23 November from 11:00

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