How will international travel change in the post-COVID world?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of human existence, right from life at home to workplace norms. Travel is no longer the same, as the industry has seen a massive downturn. Bookings stand cancelled and people are not keen on traveling abroad.

Still, human resilience is at its best during a crisis and the pandemic has proved the same. As things get back to normal, international trips are making a comeback. While people are still sticking to business travel, holidays will eventually be a part of life again. But you cannot expect things to be the same.

Here are some insights into how international travel is likely to change in the post-COVID world.

Immigration and documentation will be more complex

A passport and visa are no longer going to be the only things needed to cross borders. Some countries will not allow travellers from hotspots, while others will let them in only if they have an immunity certificate.

Visa terms could get shorter as travel is likely to be more purposeful. So if you have an international business trip or holiday on the cards, be prepared for lots and lots of immigration formalities and travel documents, even before you depart.

You will pack differently

As sanitisation and hygiene become the most essential needs today, they will be on top of your packing list. The stuff you will pack will be very different from all that you have been carrying for years.

Hand sanitisers will be more important than creams and lotions while face masks will substitute your makeup.

Gloves and face shields will also be a part of your luggage, whether you travel domestically or fly globally. You may also want to go the extra mile with safety and dress up in a PPE for your flight.

Holiday shopping won’t be the same

Just imagine going to a foreign country and not venturing to the best of the shopping malls. But that’s something you will have to bear with to stay socially distant and safe. Thankfully, you can check the online shopping stores and even find the coolest Black Friday deals in the online catalogue of the famous retail brands at your destination.

Just choose and order the specials you want to take home and they will reach your hotel. So you can still splurge on shopping without the risk of contracting the virus.

Travel insurance will matter the most

If you have been less serious about travel insurance in the past, it isn’t something you can afford to overlook in the post-pandemic world. Ensure that you have adequate cover if you end up developing symptoms or testing positive while abroad. Also, check whether it is valid if your flight or hotel booking is canceled due to an unexpected outbreak.

Take only a reliable international health insurance plan which assures that you will have access to quality medical care if you fall ill while traveling.

Although stakes will be higher for global travellers in the new normal, there isn’t a reason to be tied down. Just be sure about the necessary actions and precautions and you are good to fly.

Author Bio: Mason Brown – A content strategist at Outreach Monks, Mason Brown, adores writing content related to trading. Also, he is a food blogger and loves cooking in his free time.

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