Find out how some of Cape Town’s media personalities are keeping themselves occupied during the nationwide 21-day lockdown.

Featuring Nik Rabinowitz, Chad Saaiman, Dalin Oliver, Deon Bing, Mel Jones, Thebe Ikalafeng, Mark Fitzgibbon, Lloyd Jansen, Ryan Botha & Fatima Sydow.

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Lockdown Survival Guide: Nik Rabinowitz

Comedian Nik Rabinowitz spoke to us on the day before South Africa’s national lockdown, while his wife went out on an “essential trip” – getting her Nespresso machine serviced. How are you keeping yourself busy during the lockdown?

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Lockdown Survival Guide: Chad Saaiman

On day 2 of #LockdownSA musician Chad Saaiman shared his lockdown tip with us. It’s pretty cool we think – find out what it is! ???? ???????? ???? What are your best lockdown tips?

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Lockdown Survival Guide: Dalin Oliver

It’s Day 3 of #LockdownSA and Dalin Oliver decided to ‘take to the stage’. We won’t share any more detail! Just make sure you don’t miss this one! ????????????

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Lockdown Survival Guide: Deon Bing aka Bingo

LOCKDOWN SURVIVAL GUIDE: It’s Day 4 of #LockdownSA and if you’ve been wondering how surfers stay fit during this time, Deon Bing has something PROPER to share with you.???????? ???? What’s your lockdown fitness routine looking like oaks?

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Lockdown Survival Guide: Mel Jones

It’s Day 5 of #LockdownSA and comedian Mel Jones shares her best tips for while you’re on lockdown! Anyone else care to share? ????????????

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Lockdown Survival Guide: Thebe Ikalafeng

Thebe Ikalafeng, Africa’s Brand Guru, shares his very profound thoughts on day 6 of #LockdownSA ???? What have you learned about yourself in this first week of staying home?

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Lockdown Survival Guide: Mark Fitzgibbon

We love how YouTuber Mark Fitzgibbon explores his imagination to get through lockdown #HumpDay! Have a look for some inspo! ???? ???? ???? Tell us your tips on how to enjoy #LockdownSA. ????‍♂️????????‍♂????

Lockdown Survival Guide: Lloyd Jansen
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Musician Lloyd Jansen says ‘it’s gonna be a lovely day’! ???? ☀️ ???? Find out why and also hear his ‘spot on’ #LockdownSA tip! What has the time at home taught you? ???????? #StaySafe #lovecapetown #StayHomeSA

Lockdown Survival Guide: Ryan Botha

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Former pro footballer Ryan Botha will have you shooting some goals after following his #LockdownSA tip! ⚽????????
What challenges have you taken up so far?
#StaySafe #lovecapetown #StayHomeSA #toiletpaperchallenge

Lockdown Survival Guide: Fatima Sydow

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Cape Malay cookbook author Fatima Sydow keeps up an important and delicious Cape Town Sunday morning tradition during #LockdownSA. ????????☕️ What’s been cooking in your kitchens? #StaySafe#lovecapetown#StayHomeSA