Chocolate. Chocolate is everyone’s favourite indulgence. So, isn’t it great that we have amazing hand-made and imported chocolate right here in Cape Town? And you can do this and SO much more at Rococoa. And it’s the perfect weather to indulge…

Let’s start with the Rococoa Restaurant. There is everything from pastas to pizzas and more. And many of the dishes are cocoa inspired. For example. You can get Trent’s deadly French toast or Columus’s salmon benedict served on toasted cocoa brioche. There are rich chocolate desserts and delicious smoothies, hot chocolate, milkshakes and great coffee.

Rococoa also has a chocolate academy. In these classes you will try your hand at making chocolate and attempt to make things such as a chocolate typewriter or chess board.

The chocolate museum explains the history of chocolate and how it came to be. This way we know who to thank for this yummy creation.

For the chocolate connoisseur, there is chocolate pairing. You can arrange your own tasting function with Rococoa or join in one of their functions where they pair chocolate and wine together. Sounds amazing, right?

You can buy a variety of chocolate and chocolate infused products from the Rococoa shop. And on top of all of this, Rococoa can host a private function for you and your friends, colleagues or a kiddie’s party. What better way to celebrate big occasions than with all the chocolate you can eat?