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May 4, 2017

Free Entrance

Lambert says:

“This exhibition is more about a journey than a destination.

After working for nearly thirty years in an increasingly realistic style, in 1998 I began to play about with paint for its own sake. I started by applying paint in a random way, using   unconventional tools. This was done at great speed, keeping my mind as blank as possible. A more deliberate phase followed, as I modified these random marks to bring out my subjective associations.

I tried to suggest subject matter without defining it clearly. This allowed each viewer to participate in forming the image, so that everyone would see something unique. I wanted viewers to be as fascinated by their own unconscious projections as I am by mine.

My earliest efforts were miniatures and were done in my spare time. As the years passed, the work increased in size and complexity. It also took up more of my working time, so that my career as a realist began to take a back seat. Then for a while the paintings became much simpler and more truly abstract. Finally I began to wonder if I could carry what I had learned into a new form of representational painting. And so I did.

Now I invite you to share this part of my journey. I still have far to go.”

Lambert Kriedemann will conduct a walkabout on Saturday, 6th May at 11 am
RSVP: web@capegallery.co.za or call +27 21 423 5309


May 4, 2017
Free Entrance