The V&A Waterfront is home to many an interesting shop, great restaurants and quite a few museums. There are also many different places where you can pick up a truly unique item to take home or give as a gift. One such place is Donald Greig Sculptures.

As a child, Donald Greig grew up on the Highveld and, as a result, was a huge lover of nature and animals. Over the years his interest grew and his desire to show these animals in some way or form resulted in his bronze sculpture business (it’s more of a hobby really).

Greig has an intimate knowledge of animal anatomy and movement and all of this comes across in each sculpture. Each one is filled with so much detail that it’s clear that a lot of time has been spent on both design and implementation.


Pop into the gallery at the Waterfront and you can see the bronze African animal sculptures on display. Look closely and you can even see Grieg’s fingerprint in some as each one is designed and moulded by hand. All the more reason why these pieces are as valuable as they are.

Each piece varies in size and some are made for selling in the gallery while others are commissioned by local and international customers to add to their growing collections. All these pieces are designed by Grieg and made in the foundry that’s attached to the gallery. This foundry is one-of-a-kind and only makes Greig’s sculptures.

A personal tour of the foundry can be arranged with the gallery. On this tour visitors will see where the pieces are designed and the careful process that it goes through to become the completed piece that you see on display. It’s a long and sometimes tedious process to go from design to finished product as various moulds need to be made from different materials. Right at the end, melted bronze that has been in a 1 200 degree Celsius furnace, is poured into the mould and it goes through a sandblasting phase and a quality check before its sold or sent off to the customer.