Dog friendly beaches in Cape Town

Dogs love to run unfettered, and what better way to let them off the leash than to take them to the beach? While many of the City of Cape Town’s beaches have a no-dogs-allowed policy, there are some where dogs are welcome at particular times only, beaches where only dogs on leashes are allowed, and those where dogs are allowed to run free.


Beaches where dogs are allowed without a leash

  • Clifton 1st
  • Beta Beach in Bakoven
  • Sunset in Sea Point
  • Froggy Pond
  • The middle section of Hout Bay Beach
  • Long Beach, Kommetjie
  • Long Beach, Simon’s Town
  • Noordhoek Beach

Beaches where only dogs on leashes are allowed

  • Graaff’s Tidal Pool
  • Capricorn
  • Nine Miles
  • Danger
  • Milton
  • Milton tidal pool

Beaches where dogs are allowed before 9am and after 6pm between November and April include:

  • Big Bay
  • Blaauwberg
  • Camps Bay
  • Clifton 4th
  • Llandudno
  • Melkbosstrand
  • Milnerton, at the lighthouse
  • Milnerton Lagoon
  • Saunders Rock, both the tidal pool and the beach
  • Three Anchor Bay
  • Sunrise
  • Mnandi

The City of Cape Town’s 72 beaches have varying policies and a complete list is available.

Whichever beach you decide to take your dog to, you should adhere to etiquette:

Pick up your dog’s mess. People don’t like stepping in doggy doo and you should not assume that the waves will wash it away. Use a poop scoop or a packet, and don’t bury the excrement in the sand

If the sign says dogs on a leash, keep your dog on the leash at all times. Beach-goers also read the signs and while they may not mind sharing the beach with your dog, they could take offence to your pet having free reign of the beach

Don’t assume that everyone loves dogs. Your happy puppy’s joy at seeing another person could be misconstrued as a sign of aggression and could result in a nasty incident

Even on beaches where dogs are allowed without leashes, watch your pet at all times. They could interfere with other dogs and people, destroy a child’s sand castle or help themselves to someone else’s picnic

Your dog should obey your voice commands

To keep your two-legged best friends happy, the city has set aside beaches where dogs are not allowed, so don’t even consider taking your doggy to Clifton 2nd, 3rd or 4th, Maiden’s Cove, Silwerstroom, Broken Road, Fish Hoek, St James Tidal Pool, Blue Waters, Bikini beach and Gordon’s Bay beaches.

New signage has been put up at most of the beaches, detailing the rules of the beach and if dogs are not allowed, and indicating where the nearest dog-friendly beach is.

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