Start time: 09h00 – Dirtopia Trail Centre (Delvera) & registration opens at 08h00

Enduro Riding: Have you done an Enduro event? Then you know what it is about! If not, then here is a summary: riders get timed only on certain sections, which make a very social event, especially at the refreshment station where they re-group. The atmosphere is relaxed with no rush anywhere, except when you gun it between check points!
Total distance of riding not so relevant as riders ride to special stages in their own time and the timed stages are more like downhill racing, although all type of riders can attempt it. Protective gear recommended.

Four stages planned for this event.

Timing: Have to own an Amarider Trail Tag. R100 or take a yearly Amarider membership of R225 and a Tag is included! Watch out for the TAG POINTS at the beginning & end of each stage.

Timing will be managed in real-time with @trailtag and riders will check in and out of the Special stages.
This means that riders will enter special stages 1 by 1, so no bunfight to get trail position on the singletrack.

Pre-entry cost: R375 for non-members and R350 for Amarider members for one day. Please note that ONLY pre-entries will be accepted! Includes permit & refreshment station.

General: Product prizes from Leatt, Csixx, SRAM Giant & Falke for top three male & female and also Vet category. Medals to to all finishers. Trail Centre open all day for snacks & drinks, Dirtopia Café sells sandwiches and have lunch menu. No private picnics please.
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