The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge and devastating impact on the South African economy. Here’s how Cape Town residents have helped communities hardest hit by the COVID-19 lockdown. Many of them rely on donations to keep it going so get in touch to find out how you can help.

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Salt River Youth Foundation

Salt River Youth Foundation aims to provide 2000 hot meals daily to the poor, homeless and needy in Salt River, Woodstock and within the CBD. They rely on cash or ingredient donations.

Details on how to donate are in the post below.

Faieka Gasant, Lavender Hill

Faieka Gasant has been providing the hungry in her community of Lavender Hill with a warm meal twice a day. She needs your help to keep this going.

Contact her to donate.

Dane Cassisa

Dane Cassisa assists people in Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain by providing food parcels to many households there. He relies on donations to make this possible.

Contact him to make a donation.


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⁣I don’t think you quite understand the gravity of what your donations have done. Yeah – they’re getting a food parcel that will help them out, except it’s totally not that at all. ⠀ ⠀ It’s restored dignity to men that couldn’t provide for their households. It’s prevented a mother’s heart from breaking when her 3 year old son say “Mommy I’m hungry”. It’s potentially saved kids lives that would have to run to the shops over different gang territories. In some cases it’s saved the lives of the frail and elderly. ⠀ ⠀ It’s shown these beautiful people that they’re not forgotten. That they’re thought of. That they’re loved. That we’re unified in this, with them.

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Al-Falaah Foundation, Lotus River

Al-falaah Foundation provides meals to the hungry in Lotus River. They rely on donations in the form of food or cash to keep their initiative going.

Details on how to donate in the post below.

Alcardo Andrews Foundation, Hanover Park

The Alcardo Andrews Foundation is currently feeding up to 600 people daily, in Hanover Park. The Alcardo Andrews Foundation’s staff and volunteers are in desperate need of gloves, masks, sanitizers and other personal protective equipment. They are in direct contact with hundreds of people in need, daily.

Donate here.


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“Protection” Protect your energy. Have you ever heard that line? Truth is there is a lot of negative energy (or should I just say feelings you don’t want to feel) around us and it blocks you from expanding, elevating and vibrating higher. Leaving us not only to try and forget about those energies but also detach from them until there’s nothing holding you together anymore. It takes time and practice. We can’t run away from the fact that emotions happen, but if you think mooi, feelings are fed. We should honor what our emotions have come to tell us and embrace the power we have to feed the feelings we want to stick with. It’s possible to become the composer of your inner harmony and stand alone. Protect yourself. Have a wonderful Monday and a lieflike week ahead ❤️ #kaapstad

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Moms who care

Moms Who Care is an independent non-profit organisation aimed at empowering our disadvantaged communities with various outreach programmes.

Email to make a contribution.

Danya Goosen and Marvin Levendal, Elsies River

Lotus Street founders Danya Goosen and Marvin Levendal have embarked on a food drive to assist destitute families and feeding schemes that are in a critical state at present. Lotus Street has so far distributed food parcels to over 3 000 households, which feeds a family of 5 for one full month. They aim to help another 2 000 if not more but can only do that with the help of donations.

Email to contribute.

Melissa Grobler, Monkey Town

Melissa Grobler is raising funds for Monkey Town in Somerset West. Monkey Town Primate Centre is a privately owned wildlife centre that cares for around 700 animals. Covid19 has completely stopped ALL of Monkey Town’s income.

Click here to read more and donate.

Are you a Cape Town resident making a difference in your community during the COVID-19 lockdown? Contact us so we can list your charity work here to help get you.