The Waterfront has truly grown into a place for everyone. On top all its current offerings – shopping, eating, nightlife, water sports, boat trips, helicopter rides, accommodation, creative designer spaces and so much more – the V&A continues to expand. The latest space set to make waves is Workshop 17. This is an innovative space where those involved in entrepreneurship and creating a positive social and economic impact can meet, work and network.

Workshop 17, housed in the Watershed, is essentially a co-working space. It’s a place where innovative like-minded people and small businesses can get together to collaborate towards a better country and continent through various projects.

Those interested in being part of the Workshop 17 community, whether as an individual or a community, can apply online. Aside from working side-by-side with people who share similar goals and interests, there are other great benefits to being a member of Workshop 17. These include:

  • A large co-working area with hot desks, meeting areas and dedicated work areas for teams
  • Eight rooms that can host meetings, teaching, presentations and catering for groups of different sizes
  • Two creative spaces that are conducive to coming up with great and innovative ideas and plans
  • A 330m2 event and function room that offers an amazing view of Table Mountain and the dock, and can hold up to 200 participants Super-fast internet connection.

Watershed Markets by Hillary Fox

There are various membership rates at Workshop 17 with drop-in rates and hourly rates also available. There is a review process for the majority of the applications. Applicants will be vetted on whether or not they are able to benefit from and contribute towards the culture of Workshop 17.

When explaining the vision behind the space, David Green, CEO of the V&A Waterfront, said, “Our plan was to create a space in which start-ups and experienced companies, profit and non-profit, big and small, could come together to collaborate and innovate. The space will facilitate a community of passionate, innovative and interesting people, learning and working together to create new solutions.”

The V&A worked with Open who are specialists is creating collaborative workspaces. When chatting about this space, Paul Keursten from OPEN said, “Workshop17 will go beyond a traditional co-working space. We are creating a multifunctional platform on which people and organisations can work, share, innovate and showcase. On this platform everyone is treated equally: it is a level playing field where personal passion, ideas and contributions matter and status and hierarchy are left at the door.

“We build on the idea that new solutions come about when people from various backgrounds come together and exchange ideas. At OPEN, we often witness how unexpected meetings and exchanges bring inspiration and new opportunities.

“Workshop17 will provide a space where these positive accidents can happen frequently.”