Cape Town International Airport is ready to welcome travellers from around the world. The airport has measures in place to make sure that travelling safely is efficient and convenient. Watch the passenger journey video below and then read the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Which airports are operating in South Africa?

​O.R. Tambo International Airport
Cape Town International Airport
King Shaka International Airport
Bram Fischer International Airport
East London Airport
George Airport
Kimberley Airport
Port Elizabeth International Airport
​Upington International Airport

What are the latest regulations for flights?

Amended directions published on the 3rd December 2020 include:

  • A child under the age of five years may be exempted from wearing a face mask
  • Airlines shall not board any passengers without a valid negative PCR or a valid COVID-19 negative test certificate
  • a passenger who is unable to wear a face mask due to an underlying medical condition, must submit a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner to the Operator prior to departure.
  • A child or a person with disabilities may be exempted from COVID-19 testing if testing will prove to be a challenge, provided that Operators must consult local public health authorities to confirm the requirement prior to departure

​How will you ensure that wheelchairs are sanitised knowing that many people will be touching them?

Wheelchairs will be sanitised after every use.

Will Passenger Aid Unit assistance be wearing Personal Protective Equipment’s when assisting passengers?

All staff members will wear Personal Protective Equipment when assisting passengers.

How will the airlines ensure that seats are deep cleaned after every flight?

Please kindly refer to your respective airline for more information on sanitation and hygiene within the aircraft.

Are IDs and driver’s licenses safe from contamination considering the number of people touching them at the airport?

Passengers are encouraged to use online check-in to minimise touching of personal identity documents. Security will also request that passengers scan their boarding cards.

Will baggage handlers wear full Personal Protective Equipment because they could pass the virus from one bag to another?

All baggage handlers will wear full Personal Protective Equipment when assisting passengers and handling baggage.

How safe is luggage from contamination during loading and offloading?

Airports Company South Africa adheres to the strictest health and safety protocols. All baggage will be fully sanitised and baggage handlers will wear complete Personal Protective Equipment. Bags must be wrapped as an additional safety measure.

Will screening be done on all flights?

Passengers will be screened upon entering the terminal building.

What screening equipment will be used? Do you have enough?

All persons entering the precinct of the airport will be temperature and visually screened.  With us resuming operations, we have restricted the access points to the airport and have deployed screeners at these points.  We will also be using purposely procured screening equipment. Port Health which is a division of the Department of Health has sufficient equipment to carry out passenger screening at airports.  As the airports become busier, we have targeted solutions that will be implemented to handle the higher capacity.  At this time, we have sufficient equipment.

Which restaurants and shops will be open at Cape Town International Airport?

• Mugg & Bean
• Woolworths
• Vida
• Cosmic Candy, and
• Steers.
How frequently are high touch areas and bathrooms sanitized?

The bathrooms and high touch areas will be sanitised in accordance with the public health procedure as approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

Will trolleys be sanitised and how frequently?

Yes, after every use. As an extra safety precaution, we recommend passengers to also sanitize their hands before using a trolley.

What will you do to people who do not observe airport rules?

They will not be permitted in the terminal building or they will be escorted off the premises by airport security.

Will there be isolation facilities available for people who show symptoms or who present a temperature of 38 and higher?

There will be secondary screening and isolation facilities available for those with temperature higher than 38 degrees.

How will social distancing be enforced in airports?

Social distancing signage is up in the terminal building, and Covid-19 monitors will ensure that guidelines are enforced.

Will masks be available to passengers who don’t have and will you have a shop selling masks?

Passengers must have a mask to be permitted inside the terminal building. Masks will also be sold at vending machines within the airport building

Where will hand sanitisers be placed at the airports?

Hand sanitisers have been made available at strategic passenger journey touchpoints throughout the terminals. Soap is also provided in all bathroom facilities. Hand sanitizers have been made available throughout the entire terminal building.

Can South Africans travel to high-risk countries?

​South African citizens who wish to travel to high-risk countries must check with the country if their borders are open and requirements of travel. Please note that South African residents who want to travel to high-risk countries should contact the Department of Home Affairs for clarity.