Everything you need to know about Cape Town, downloadable for free from the App stores for iOS and Android devices.

Download it on Android or iOS

The app is like a “local in your pocket” with an insider guide sharing hints and tips from locals alongside a carefully arranged and easy-to-use list of practical tools.

Featuring hundreds of Cape Town sightseeing landmarks, practical visitor information and user-friendly maps – the new Official Guide to Cape Town will also allow you to create and store an itinerary as you go, or simply suggest some themed itineraries for you.

Users of the app will be able to find service providers, restaurants, shops, day spas, accommodation, transport, outdoor adventures and more. Users do not have to be connected to the internet in order to use the app.

We added a local layer to our app by including hints and tips from Cape Town residents because we are seeing that visitors want to experience a city not as a tourist but as a local. To this effect we have also included content specific to Cape Town’s neighbourhoods.

The Official Guide to Cape Town also allows users to share content from the app and add their own places of interest to check back in on later. For those who prefer the traditional paper guide book, Cape Town Tourism continues to publish the Official Visitors Guide to Cape Town booklet and visitors are still able to speak to a well-informed Cape Town Tourism visitor services member either on the phone or in person at one of the Cape Town Tourism Visitor Centres.

Download it on Android or iOS

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