It’s important to know what to expect from the weather when visiting Cape Town. The city has a Mediterranean climate, with rainy winters and dry summers. Here is a comprehensive guide to the Cape Town climate, including average temperatures, rainfall, hours of daylight, and what to pack.

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Summer in Cape Town (November – February)

Cape Town is a summer paradise, with balmy temperatures and sunny days. Cape Town gets almost all it’s rainfall in winter, so expect warm and cloudless days. It can also get windy at this time of year, and kite-surfing is a popular summertime activity.

Temperatures: 17°C – 29°C (63°F – 84°F)
Rainfall: Average of 3 days per month
Hours of daylight: 13-14

Your summer packing checklist:

  • Sunblock
  • A good sun hat
  • Insect repellant
  • A light jacket or windbreaker
  • Dresses, shorts, sandals

Autumn in Cape Town (March – April)

Autumn (fall) can bring a slight chill, but nothing a light jacket can’t take care of. The wind usually drops compared to summer, but the rain doesn’t start in earnest until winter. It’s a great time of year: not too hot; not too windy; not too wet. Expect mild days, pretty sunsets, and long walks on the beach.

Temperatures: 15°C – 27°C (59°F – 80°F)
Rainfall: 2 – 4 days per month
Hours of daylight: 11 – 13

Your autumn packing checklist:

  • Sunblock
  • Insect repellant
  • Layers – clothes good for sudden changes in temperatures

girl at Sea Point beach

Winter in Cape Town (May – August)

Cape Town’s winter is mild compared to many other cities. It’s the rainy season, which means that the lush natural surroundings are in their prime. There are green forests, trickling streams, and waterfalls galore. It’s also a great time of year for fine dining, as many of the top restaurants have excellent winter specials to lure you out of the house.

Temperatures: 11°C – 22°C (52°F – 72°F)
Rainfall: 9 – 10 days per month
Hours of daylight: 10

Your winter packing checklist:

  • A waterproof coat/jacket
  • Good water resistant boots
  • A hat, gloves, and scarf (especially if you plan to take a day trip to the nearby snowy mountains)
  • Lighter clothes for the occasional warmer day

Couple in winter in Cape Town

Spring in Cape Town (September – October)

Springtime in Cape Town sends the wildflowers into bloom, brushing the landscape with colour. The rainy days are fewer, and while it can still be a little chilly, the average temperatures start to rise. Some of the best days happen in spring: windless, cloudless, and mild.

Temperatures: 17°C – 29°C (63°F – 84°F)
Rainfall: 5 – 8 days per month
Hours of daylight: 12 – 13

Your spring packing checklist:

  • Layers – clothes good for sudden changes in temperatures
  • Sunblock and beach wear
  • A warm jacket for the occasional chilly/rainy day

Flowers with Table Mountain in the background


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