Bachelor Party Ideas in Cape Town

So, you’re thinking a cross between the mad tiger-blood fueled imagination of Charlie Sheen and the legen-dary lunacy of the great Barney Stinson? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Cape Town, home to the most glorious bachelor parties known to mankind. And yes, we do mean MANkind.

Rustle your chest hair, because it’s time for the games to begin.

Hit the Battlefield

Experience a new breed of military simulation with the infra-red laser tag war games of Battlefield Live SA. It’s like paintball without the pain! Capture the flag, protect the VIP and try hunt down the snipers (they’re ridiculously hard to see in BattleFieldLiveSA’s authentic ghillie suits, the bachelor will probably mow all of you down like lambs) and engage with authentic military maneuvres in live bush environments.

Suitable for anyone from geeks to rambos.


Now Face the Party Bus

For those after a plausible alibi, Sports Bus markets itself for tours and function experiences, but it’s really a party bus in disguise. Take a ‘Golf Tour’ (haha good one!) or adventure to the Ganzekraal Lapa (thatched roof party area), Theewaters Dam, Calabash Bush Pub and Boma or Newlands (for rugby or cricket) or just be blatant about it on a ‘Booze Cruise’ around the peninsula. Catering includes spit braais, steak braais and platters.

Or go for something a little messier! Piggy’s Promotions, one of Cape Town’s favoured party bus establishments, grew out of the story of a “mini pig” that was given to its owner… that quickly grew into the size of a 45-gallon drum. The Piggy’s Party Bus is a single decker pink wrecking ball that can hold up to 40 people. There’s a cash bar, sound system plus P/A and catering available. Rock the Wine Route, the Ostrich Farm, Table Mountain, Newlands rugby or cricket, or a tailored selection of Cape Town’s sites.

Contact Sports Bus: 082 807 4438
Contact Piggy’s Promotions: 021 559 6183

Legendary – Abseiling off Table Mountain

Imagine a rugby field. Now imagine a rugby field vertically. Down a mountain. 112m. Down one of the world’s 7 natural wonders. Just lean into the abyss as your heart pounds 1,000m above sea level down the world’s highest commercial abseil. The view is unmatched, encircled as you are by Chapman’s Peak, Camp’s Bay, clouds, sparkling Atlantic, the magnificent city of Cape Town and your closest friends.


Alternative – Shark Cage Diving

Face one of the most feared creatures on the planet up close in person in a completely safe, professional environment when you and your mates take a leap of faith into the deep end with a cage and a monstrous Great White Shark!

Those who’ve watched Jaws one too many times (DUH DUM… DUH DUM…) are in for some classic freak outs, whilst everyone else will have an unforgettable adrenaline spike, leaving the group breathless and happy and in need of a good whiskey!


Go Classic – Mavericks Strip Club

In the unwritten rules of the BroBible, no bachelor’s is complete without some lithe naked dancers in compromising positions. Hit Mavericks – do a little window shopping here (warning NSFW!) – and get the man of the hour strapped to “The Chair” on the main stage (where all of the fun happens!).

The groom and best man get free entry with groups of 10 or more and you’ll get free food platters if you arrive before 9pm.


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