6 reasons to visit The Pepper Club Hotel & Spa

The Pepperclub Hotel and Spa is an oasis in the city centre that is dedicated to giving guests a uniquely luxurious experience. This award-winning 5-star hotel has a dozen different selling points–but we’ve narrowed the list down to just six of the best.

The Location

Location, location, location. It’s just as important when travelling as it is in real estate, and you honestly won’t be able to find a more central place to stay. Located right in the cosmopolitan hub of Cape Town’s city centre, it’s surrounded on all sides by tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, museums, galleries.

The Luxury

If you travel a lot you know that hotels can start to feel samey. Thankfully, the rooms at the Pepperclub are very different from average hotel lodgings. The careful attention to detail creates a uniquely luxurious atmosphere backed up by a twenty-hour hour concierge service.


The Views

Cape Town is all about the views and, wherever you stay you want to maximise those Instagram moments. Many of the rooms have excellent views but it’s the rooftop outdoor swimming pool that gives you the best panoramic view of the city.

The Food

COPA restaurant is a modern, stylish sanctuary to enjoy a menu designed using locally-sourced ingredients with a European flair. Ruby’s Bakery & Café is great when you want to grab a quick bite and a coffee or cold-pressed juice on the go.

The Spa

You can’t talk about the Pepperclub without talking about its Spa, an urban wellness centre that gives both breathtaking views and relaxing treatments. There’s also a pool and sauna, making it a must-visit spot for those looking to unwind.

The Cinema

There are not many hotels that offer their own private cinema to guests. The Odeon Cinema is on the ground floor of the hotel and is open to guests at no charge. There are movies, series and even live sporting event screenings—so you don’t have to miss out on anything while you’re travelling.

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