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Tanki Em

I'm Tanki Em, a fashion-obsessed Cape Town dame living an awkward life.

I write about fashion, dream about clothes, think in trends and when the sun comes out in the morning, the first thing I think is: "Urg, this is going to be a rollercoaster of a day, so let's go!"

My life is random. I have troublemaker talents that cannot be challenged (that's how Dragon Ball-Z I can get), and recover after an emotional pow-wow via blogspot. I Instagram a lot so I don't Pinterest, I tweet but I'm probably antisocial. Some assume I'm a young businesswoman (if only they knew I'm trying to figure this thing out.)

All in all, I'm about clothes, fashion and the digital world. Everything else is just ... a blur.

My baby: www.cptstreetmag.com

Tanki Em's Latest Articles

  • Top reasons why fashion designer Ruald Rheeder loves Cape Town

    The future of South African menswear lies with Cape Town-based designers and brands such as Craig Port, Fabiani, Carducci, Csquared and, without a doubt, Ruald Rheeder.

  • J&B Met 2013: Tanki Em’s guide to being Made To Fly

    Oh my. It’s that time of the year where classic style and fashion are put aside for the celebration of avante-garde looks and one-of-a-kind garments that are either custom-made for the J&B Met, happening at the Kenilworth Racecourse on Saturday 2 February, 2013 – or dramatically altered retail store dresses and tresses which make the cut for this annual themed horseracing event.