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Rashiq Fataar

Rashiq Fataar is the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of Future Cape Town, an urban think-tank which, in light of the demands of urbanization, advocates for more pro-active thinking about the future of cities. He founded Future Cape Town as a platform to inspire citizens and stimulate debate about the future of Cape Town, and has developed a following of over 10,000.

He is passionate about urban economic development, inspirational spaces and exploring the world - its people, landscapes and the next best urban ideas. He regularly shares his insights, locally and abroad; writing for various publications, as a speaker at events, a social media consultant and online at Future Cape Town.

Rashiq also holds a Bachelor of Business Science degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Cape Town.

Rashiq Fataar's Latest Articles

  • Future Cape Town: Regenerative, connected, strong and diverse

    If we set aside our ideas and dreams for skytrains, spaceships and time travel, what are the values and beliefs which we should be working towards and embracing in Cape Town towards 2040 and beyond? Rashiq Fataar shares some ideals and principles that he believes should act as a guide and roadmap towards our shared future.

  • Cape Town Stadium fits into a bigger puzzle

    The recent suggestion that Cape Town Stadium be demolished is unconstructive. Understandably, the venue needs to make financial sense, and concerns are warranted. However, financial sense, different from the pursuit of profit, can be achieved.