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Leani Jansen van Vuuren

Leani is a jack of all trades, master of some.

Interested in anything and everything from test cricket to playing the guitar and harmonica (at the same time), nature conservation and Vietnamese cooking, she tries to learn as much as possible about everything under the sun.

Being a journalism graduate and lover of life, she gets a kick from going on mini-adventures and creatively unlocking and packaging them with words and photos. And what better way to showcase the magic of the Mother City?

Her happy place is brewing a cup of coffee on a gas stove, stuck on a mountain somewhere with her husband and friends after a hike… and then spotting a Verreaux eagle, of course.

Leani Jansen van Vuuren's Latest Articles

  • Celebrate Tourism Month with These Top 10 Cape Town Events in September

    The month of September is not only the announcement of spectacular Spring in Cape Town, but also the start of international tourism month and heritage month in South Africa, with world tourism day celebrated on 27 September. Since the Mother City is an amazing tourist city with a rich culture, it is just fitting to celebrate this significant month by attending one of the fantastic events happening during this month. Here’s a round-up of the top 10 events…

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    Been there, done that, right? Well just around the corner from #lovecapetown, tucked away in the beautiful Elgin valley is a quirky and unique way to spend a night out of town: in brilliantly revamped Airstream trailers.

  • 9 Things that are Better during Winter in Cape Town

    Did you know that the Mother City offers a range of activities that are definitely best experienced from May to September each year? Yup! There are many of them but here’s our list of top 9 reasons to visit Cape Town specifically during this time to make your winter wonderful and your Spring, well, quite spectacular to be honest. Don’t say you didn’t know…

  • 10 Brilliant Bird-watching Spots in Cape Town

    Whether you are looking at ticking-off some seriously rare birds from your life-list, or just want to enjoy a casual outing spotting some beautiful feathered creatures - Cape Town is an amazing destination to do just that.

  • 5 Cheap & Cheerful things to do in Cape Town

    The great thing about experiencing Cape Town is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun. Usually around this time of year most of us need to budget rather than blast our money, so why not embrace the philosophy that the best things in life are free … or perhaps rather, very affordable.