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Kayli Vee Levitan

I am Kayli Vee Levitan.

A Durbanite living in Cape Town, and absolutely loving it.
I still say things like “Spraaite” and “fyish”.

Copywriter by day and Foodblogger by night – I write reviews to make you foodgasm, and ads to make you weep.

Or at least, I try.

Words are my friends, they make me happy. And so do the people who read my articles, whether they love them, or not. It’s all about learning.

Have a look at www.food-blog.co.za for the food thing.

The ads, well, you’ll see those on TV.

Over and Out.

Kayli Vee Levitan's Latest Articles

  • Kayli Vee’s FNB Whisky Live experience

    Trying out new things is my cup of tea, or in this case, my glass of whisky. I attended the FNB Whisky Live Festival at the CTICC on Thursday October 4, 2012, where I eye-balled, sniffed, sipped, sloshed and gargled countless varieties of the golden liquid.

  • Cape Town Bierfest 2012

    My second favourite thing in the world, after sushi, is something that is celebrated all the time, beer, and this year I celebrated it some more at the much-anticipated Cape Town Bierfest.

  • Kayli Vee Levitan’s best tea spots in Cape Town

    Taking time out for yourself in Cape Town can take many forms. You can take a walk on the beach, enjoy a spa treatment, tuck into gourmet food and wine or sip on a perfect brew with a few sweet treats to delight you at high tea. Often the perfect way to catch up with friends or loved ones, high tea not only offers an afternoon of exciting new teas and treats that delight the eyes and palate, you can also enjoy all of this while admiring the splendour of your surroundings. I sampled a few high teas on offer around the city and found a few gems.