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Alessandro Candotti

A swashbuckling word-nerd and life-time student of the creative edge, Alessandro spends his time cooking up funky stories and getting his teeth kicked out at Thai Boxing. His geekiness comes in useful where he gets put to work fashioning digital content that sizzles. When not searching for the perfect metaphor, Alessandro hunts for the quirky, the arresting and the powerful, since following Dr Seuss’ maxim you gotta:

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the THINKS you can think up if only you try!”

Alessandro Candotti's Latest Articles

  • Berry Berry Nice! 6 Pretty Places To Pick Your Own Fruit in Cape Town

    Get in touch with your most authentic self amongst the gorgeous fruit fields of Cape Town and take home the freshest of the fresh for your next culinary creation. There’s nothing more invigorating - especially when you add a glass of wine to the mix!

  • 6 of the Cape’s Most Gorgeous Heritage Spots

    As every tourist knows, the story of a country can’t be adequately told in the history books. It’s in the people, the buildings, the laughter and the landscape and it demands to be experienced before it can be understood. Here are 6 of Cape Town’s most beautiful heritage spots for you to begin your journey.

  • The 7 Most Beautiful Places to Braai in Cape Town this Heritage Day

    It’s quite simple. No smell in the world will uplift a South African’s mood faster than the lazy woodsmoke scent of a traditional South African braai. Here are the 7 most beautiful spots in Cape Town for you to unleash your glorious cooking this Heritage Day!

  • All Your Road Closures for the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon 2014

    The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon will be taking place in the Mother’s City’s beautiful streets this weekend, benefiting 14 charities and providing a spectacle of effort, determination and family friendly fun. Here are all your road closures for the 2014 event.

  • Cape Town Then and Now: 28 Fascinating Before and After Pictures

    These 28 stunning before-and-after photos of Cape Town celebrate our heritage, showing the astonishing development of Cape Town in just over half a century from a sleepy World War II harbour to rising international star!

  • 9 Exclusive Fashion Boutiques That Will Make You Fall in Love with Clothes All Over Again

    Half the fun of coming to another city is leaving with more than you came with! Get your hot little hands on the summit of Cape Town’s trendy fashion scene.

  • Flower Power Specials: 4 Amazing Discounts on the Cape’s Gorgeous Wild Flowers

    Prime flower viewing season is from August to September, as Spring blooms in tapestries of kaleidoscopic gorgeousness throughout the West Coast. You’ve only got a few more precious weeks to see this miraculous natural phenomenon, so if you’ve always wanted to see the stunning flower field, here’s how to do it at a discount!

  • 11 Urban Markets You Have to Visit this Spring

    The city’s fresh produce comes alive in ways both unexpected and fashionable. If you’re a food lover these next few weeks are the ideal time to start exploring the organic amazing that is Capetonian market cuisine. But where to find it? We’ve curated a top 11 list of the most delicious and stylish venues out there!