Your New Year's Eve Survival Guide

One of the highlights of the festive season is undoubtedly the New Year’s Eve celebrations, and what better place to welcome in the New Year than the sunny shores of the Mother City?

New Year’s Eve is a big occasion and the city does not disappoint in the number of festivities to choose from, however, before you get you put on your dancing shoes, here are a couple of tips on how to survive the party of all parties in Cape Town.

Pick your party

With a large selection of parties going down in the Mother City on New Year’s Eve, there’s something for everyone. Many of these events require revellers to purchase tickets beforehand, so have a look on what’s to offer and pick the party that’s your kinda vibe. Running around trying to find a party on New Year’s Eve can be a serious party pooper.

Whether you’re looking for a massive bender or something more chilled, you can find what party works for you this New Year’s Eve here: Where to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Cape Town Taxi

Get a taxi

If you’re going to be drinking, do the responsible thing and get a taxi. Cape Town’s taxi services are well organised and catching a cab should not be a problem, but you might have to wait a little bit longer than usual due to the sheer number of partygoers. The increased demand for taxis might also cause the rates of services like Uber to spike, so try and call a taxi company and ask whether it’s possible to pre-book a taxi.

For transport options: Getting Around

Pace yourself

One of the best parts of New Year’s Eve parties is the count-down to midnight, and it’s something you don’t want to miss. If you’re going to take to the tipple, make sure you know your limits, and pace yourself. You don’t want to be the guy or girl who spoils the fun for everyone. Also ensure you eat something during the course of the evening, and if food is not available, eat something substantial before you head out. Drinking on an empty stomach is a serious fun-limiting move.

If you’re not sure where to go before the big party, take a look at these restaurants in Cape Town and make sure you book!

cheese platter

Make plans for brunch

Speaking of food, make plans to meet friends for brunch the next day. This will force you to get your weary bones out of bed, and enjoy the calm of the first day of the New Year. A hearty breakfast will also help to calm Bacchus’ loud reminders of the night before. If you’re not sure what to do on New Year’s Day – we got you covered: What to do on New Year’s Day in Cape Town.

Road closures

With numerous festivities being planned in and around the City Centre, some roads may be closed to traffic, so before you head into the city, be sure to check the City of Cape Town website for more information.