Discover Fynbos in Cape Town

Nature nerds unite! If you’re looking for one of the most enchanting earth adventures ever look no further.

Fynbos is one of six floral kingdoms in the world and it’s the only one that occurs entirely in one country. Ours!

Paired with some of the most spectacular views in the world, these 6 spectacular hikes are bursting with strange and wonderful plant life.

Here are some of our favourite routes, ideal for the experienced and inexperienced hiker alike:



With a cool 8,200 plant species, the lush biomes of Table Mountain National Park (the single richest floristic area on the planet) are bursting with pincushion proteas and startling red ericas. And the views, naturally, are unbeatable. For the easy stroller, take the cable car (360 degree views on the way up!) and follow any one of the well-marked trails to Kasteel’s Poort.


Elephant’s Eye can be found in the Silvermine Nature Reserve, also home to lynx, porcupine, tortoise, grysbok, baboon, black eagles and genet, as well as ridiculous natural beauty, birdlife and the Cape’s famous fynbos flora (including the iconic South African Protea). There are over 900 species of vegetation.

Take the easy route from the Tokai Lookout, starting at the car park in the Silvermine reservoir, and travelling along gravel road until you get to your picnic spot in the Eye itself. Which is a cave (how awesome?). You’re looking at about 2 hours.



The Krom River’s claim to fame are its spectacular water features which includes beautiful waterfalls and rock pools in which to rest your feet (and your appreciative soul). But that water also creates a gush of biodiversity, culminating in stunning floral displays.

To experience this gorgeousness in person, you’ll need to call CapeNature on +27 (0)21 483 0190 to book a permit at R30 per person. For the moderate route, take the N1 through to Huguenot Tunnel. On the other side is a small road with an Authorised Vehicles Only sign – your cue! Follow the signs along the river until you get to the waterfall.


Chapman’s Peak or “Chappies” as the locals call it, is your shortcut to some of the most magnificent views on the continent. Best hiked during the afternoon due to the lighting, this 3 hour summit climb is best done with a scrumptious picnic and lots of photo opportunities. To take the moderate route, start from the Chapman’s Peak parking area just below the toll gate. The route is well maintained as easy to follow. Just prepare yourself for the feeling at the top!



This 4 hour walk is graced by the yellowwood and milkwood forests that stand guard over the innumerable flowers and wooden boardwalk paths. Take the route to the Kalk Bay Amphitheatre and then the left path the boulder collection called Cavern Rocks. Go past the Boomslang Cave and several others. The path will come around in a circle, through the forest in Echo Valley and through the Spes Bona forest.


The last home of the critically endangered Peninsula Shale Renosterveld, take 2-4 hours to get a taste of true Capetonian mountainscape. For the difficult path, park at Rhodes Memorial, and follow signs to the Kings Block House. Then up Mowbray Ridge before moving along Knife’s Edge. Keep going until the summit.

Because of tough terrain and high drop offs, don’t try this one alone unless you’re a skilled climber or have someone who has done the route before. Still child friendly. And the reward is completely worth it. Check out this photo essay of a fellow hiker if you don’t believe us!