Local culture and cuisine at Richard's

The brainchild of Richard Loring, producer of the internationally-acclaimed African footprint, and Roland Seidel, Richard’s Supper Stage & Bistro is a truly home grown Cape Town affair, using the city’s unique, and colourful history, as the basis to the venue’s signature show – Kaapse Stories.

Richard’s is a favourite for visitors to the Mother City, partly because the show is so unique to the local residents, but also due to the venue’s atmosphere, which is warm and welcoming.

Kaapse Stories focuses on the Kleinjties family, who were residents of District Six before the forced removals during apartheid. Combining traditional Kaapse Klopse with iconic South African tunes and some more current tunes, the show is a great mix of local and international music. But despite including some more contemporary songs, which undoubtedly appeal to a larger audience, the focus of the show never strays from the family’s story, which while leaning a great deal on humour, doesn’t shy away from the darker moment in the city’s history.

Richard's Dinner Theatre

‘Pa Joe’ acts as the chief storyteller, but he is ably supported by the rest of his family that includes his brother Bernie, uncle Charlie, and granddaughter Genevieve, along with some other performers, who often surprise the audience by emerging from outside the theatre with seemingly impromptu appearances that help to immerse theatregoers further into the experience.

Directed by Basil Appollis, Kaapse Stories has enjoyed a long run at Richard’s Supper Stage & Bistro and it provides a fascinating window into a very particular part of Cape Town’s history and culture.

Guests can also look forward to tucking into a three-course meal, consisting of some of Cape Town’s most delicious treats, such as Malay curries, milk tart and, of course, koeksisters (think a doughnut pretzel dripping with syrup).

It’s a dinner and a show, inspired by the true Cape Town experience.

Website: www.richardscapetown.co.za/