Save water and sing-a-long to short shower songs

Local artists like Kwesta, Mi Casa, Jimmy Nevis, Rouge, and Desmond and the Tutus have reworked some of their top hits to two minutes, so you can sing in the shower and save water. The best part? You can download these two minute tunes for free! Mahala!

Cape Town is currently facing one of the worst droughts in recent history and we’re urging visitors and locals to save as much water as possible. Ten of South Africa’s favourite artists have certainly come to the party by delivering the ultimate two minute shower playlist.

The water restrictions limited water usage to 87 litres per person per day and shorter sing-a-long showers will certainly help everyone in Cape Town to stay below the limit. To see how much water you’re using a day, check out the city’s nifty water calculator and see how you can save more water with our 10 tips to save like a local.

Download the 2 Minute Shower Song: