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Piggys Promotions is a single deck party bus. The bus is owned and operated by John Patterson and here is how the name of Piggys Promotions came about. A few years ago, John stayed on a small holding in Table View with lots of animals - ostriches, ducks, geese, peacocks, horses, donkeys, monkeys, turkeys and pheasants. One day one of his friends gave him a "miniature" pig, about as big as a fat poodle. The breed is known as "a Vietnamese Slant Eyed Potbelly" and according to his friend this pig would not get much larger - RIGHT!

Two months later this little pig is about as big as a 45-gallon drum and is eating the owner out of house and home. A pub called the Lord Montague came to the rescue and would save all the leftovers from the previous day. Every evening John would faithfully pick up all these leftovers and take them home to Miss Piggy. Because of all these comings and going John inevitably became known as Mr Piggy.

When "Mr Piggy" eventually bought and converted a school bus into a party bus, a suitable name was needed for the venture. Sunshine Tours - Cape Town Tours - Hot Shot Tours - Party Tours - all these were rejected until Marnet van der Berg of the Lord Montague said that seeing as John was known as Mr Piggy we should think along those lines for a suitable name. Many castles later the whole gang decided on "PIGGYS

PROMOTIONS". This name was duly registered in December 1999. This is one little pig that never went to the market!

The Piggys Promotions Bus is a single deck bus, complete with Ipods, CD’s and memory sticks, MP3 palyer and a P.A. system. There is also a bar/refreshment area at the back. This is a lively party bus with lots of music and fun. We hire the bus out to groups at a time and can take up to 40 people.

Our present market consists of bachelor parties, Batchelorrette parties, office outings, 50th, 40th and 21st birthdays. Companies also use the bus for team building. We can also arrange tours of the Peninsula, West Coast or the Winelands, for this we would bring along a Satour registered guide if required.

The bus if of course fully licensed and insured comprehensively, we also carry a R10 000 000, 00 (Ten Million Rand) public liability insurance. (Don't worry, eleven years incident free operation). The driver is fully qualified and licensed. An average five-hour trip around the Peninsula costs approximately R5 500, 00. West Coast and Winelands from R6 100, 00 - depending on time and distance. Please see our Tours page for more information and current prices.


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  • Piggy's Promotion
  • 27 A Pentz Drive
  • Table View
  • 7441


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