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Western Cape
People and culture

Ubizo Events & Tours is a specialist in offering cultural historical township experiences in the vibrant Cape Town townships of Langa and Gugulethu. The township tours includes: local African food, Ubuntu culture, traditional music, a rich diverse history as well as a ‘homestay’ experience, all designed to provide a genuine engagement with the local community.



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  • Upper East Side, Unit 9B
  • 31 Brickfield Road
  • Woodstock
  • 7925




The tour through Langa township is one everybody should have done while visiting Cape Town. I had such a wonderfull experience here, thanks to Ubizo! They are well organised and have proffesional guides which know everything about the township and people living there! Great experience!



I experienced a great tour with this company. They know everything about the townships because they are born and still liviing there. I had a tour through Langa township. I found this one of the highlights of my holiday to Cape Town.

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