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Western Cape » Gansbaai
Price range: R 1250 pppn – R 1500 pppns

Shark Diving Unlimited is a family-run business whose combined experience amounts to over 30 years working with great white sharks. Its expertise has guided many international television crews, helping bring footage of these incredible marine mammal from the ocean right into your living room.The company is owned by Michael Rutzen, who has been working with great white sharks since 1994. In 1998 Mike began free-diving with great whites and is now known worldwide as one of the few people able to interact with these magnificent predators outside the safety of the cage.Breathtaking images of Mike have been featured in numerous magazines and documentaries including National Geographic’s Beyond Fear and Discovery’s Sharkman. Mike’s aim is to portray positive images of great white sharks in order to dispel the Jaws myth.Mike is certified with Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and the only person in the world qualified to teach the prestigious Great White Shark Awareness Diver Distinctive Specialty PADI course. He is a qualified skipper, first aid instructor, and a qualified rebreather, nitrox and commercial diver. Skipper Frank Rutzen has spent his life on the ocean from KwaZulu-Natal to the Western Cape. He has worked in the great white shark cage diving industry since 1995 and has a passion for wildlife and an extensive knowledge of the Dyer Island marine ecosystem.Morne, Mike and Frank’s nephew, is your divemaster on board. Morne is an avid free-diver and has been filming great white sharks since 2002, guiding many renowned photographers.Nsunda Dosi is a qualified South African tour guide and qualified scuba diver. He will help you with all your diving equipment needs and make sure that your day runs smoothly.Shark Diving Unlimited was the company of choice for the UK’s Prince Harry, King Hussein of Jordan, Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt.


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  • 1 Swart Street
  • Kleinbaai
  • Gansbaai
  • 7220

Great White Shark Cage Diving with Mike Rutzen

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Join Great White Shark expert Michael Rutzen, world famous for free diving with Great White Sharks on one of the highest rated Conservation/Education Experiences in the world. Michael is internationally renowned for his conservation and research initiatives and is often invited to speak at various conferences and universities all over the world. Seeing the greatest and one of the oldest animal species on the planet is truly a unique, awe-inspiring and a humbling experience. Most people arrive with fear and trepidation and leave with admiration and a newfound respect for these majestic animals. Experience the thrill of being underwater and surrounded by Great White Sharks! Feel the exposure of free-diving while remaining completely safe inside the cage, or remain on the boat and see the Great White Shark in all its magnificence from the surface of the water. Trips are weather dependent, last approximately 3-4 hours and your launch time will be confirmed well in advance of your trip. Meet the team for breakfast and your introductory briefing at the Shark Diving Unlimited Crew House, whilst a picnic lunch and soft drinks are packed onboard Barracuda. Fresh towels and diving equipment are provided and there are hot showers available on return to shore.

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