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The Langa Township Experience-tour from Proteam SA is geared towards local and international tourists and aims to foster an understanding of and tolerance for different cultures.

Proteam SA is owned and run by a Langa-citizen Lizo Mgobozi, whose family lived there since 1929. As he is passionate about life in Langa and the people there, he offers you a truly authentic experience.

It all started when he overheard a conversation about what dangerous places South Africa’s Townships were. Lizo Mgobozi couldn’t bear this view of his beloved country, so he intervened and explained how lively and thriving Township life was. From this moment on, he knew that it was about time people got to find out about the life in South African Townships first hand - to change this perception of black people and the Townships by going there, interacting with the local people and finding out more about beautiful Langa.

Besides learning about the history of Langa as well as life there in post-Mandela time, highlights on the tour include a visit to a traditional healer (“Sangoma”), the Langa Arts and Crafts Centre, an African beer house and the Langa hostels. The duration of the Langa Township Experience is about three hours.

Additionally, there is a special tour on Sundays - including a visit to the SA Langa Methodist Church, the Township of Gugulethu and the local restaurant “Mzoli’s Butchery” where you can witness a truly South African barbeque. The Sunday tour is a full-day experience.

The tours offered by Proteam SA are also customisable. Any wishes or suggestions of what you would like to do or see, can be forwarded at any time.

Lizo Mgobozi is a fully registered tour guide and tour operator with Cape Town Tourism.



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