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Cape Town information: Indian market

Download our PDF for useful information about Cape Town, in addition to information about flying from India to Cape Town and visa requirements for Indian travellers.

5 day 'Iconic Must See' Cape Town itinerary

Download our 5 day ‘Iconic Must See’ Cape Town itinerary, developed for the Indian outbound travel market.

Explore Cape Town

A city like no other, Cape Town offers breath-taking natural beauty between rugged mountains and an endless ocean.  Download our PDF for a guide of the best things to see and do in the Mother City.

Family activities in Cape Town

Cape Town is the ideal holiday destination for a family, as the Mother city offers a wide choice of indoor and outdoor activities to entertain the kids.  Download our PDF for a list of activities to do with your family in Cape Town.

Escapism and relaxation in Cape Town

Cape Town’s natural beauty makes this city the perfect place to unwind and relax in.  Download our PDF for a list of relaxing activities to do in Cape Town.

Having fun in Cape Town

From fresh-air fun to adrenaline-pumping adventures, from festivals to club-hopping; Cape Town offers endless experiences to allow for heart-racing exhilaration and loads of good fun. Download our PDF for a list of fun activities to do in Cape Town!

Indian food in Cape Town fact sheet

Cape Town’s diverse multi -cultural ancestry has enjoyed the influence of many traditional cooking styles, including Cape Malay and Indian influences.  Download our PDF for an overview of the top Indian restaurants in Cape Town.

Safety in Cape Town fact sheet

As with all international urban centers, petty crime can occur in Cape Town so visitors are urged to always use common sense when out and about - download our safety PDF for tips and useful contact details when in Cape Town.