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Cape Town Street Culture

The city’s unconventional mix of cultures and influences have all played their role in establishing local culture. From the coffee-shop hipsters to those who express their ancestry through food and song – the city is a blend of people-flavours.

Art Made Public

Cape Town is a mecca of creativity and design, and these industries form a large part of the city’s economic activity. Perhaps as a reflection of its own natural beauty and diversity, Cape Town is crammed with art galleries, informal street art, great urban design, music, theatre and spontaneous expressions of creativity.

Monkeybiz Beaded Art

Monkeybiz is a non-profit organisation that provides unemployed women with the tools and materials to make traditionally beaded creations such as eclectic dolls, badges and curios. The company was established in 2000 in an effort to create jobs and today it is one of the most recognisable upliftment projects in the country.

The Rhythm of Cape Town

The rhythms of Cape Town are as complex and interesting as her multicultural people. Most of all, the Mother City is known for its unique take on jazz and hip hop, although a surfeit of music continues to pour out of the city’s many musical genres.

Cape Town Theatre

Cape Town’s theatre scene is diverse, from Shakespeare to opera and ballet to local and international one-man shows, comedy shows, kids’ shows and musicals.