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To The Bungalow

Cotton and Ice. Sand and sequins. Beautiful, bronzed and a little bit blasphemous - it's The Bungalow.

Take balmy add a splash of bubbly stir in a breezy blonde pop in an oyster and it's The Bungalow. Bungalicious if you will.

Cool down that all over body blush with a foot paddle in the nano-pool while sipping on a cocktail with an unpronounceable name. Wink and clink your way across the deck and take your table at the very edge of the continent. Breathe in. Yes. This is your life.

To envisage the décor imagine Donna Karan marooned on an island with nothing but a chandelier and an axe. Baroque clashes with the Mediterranean and the bleach blonde exterior gives way to bare-skin opulence within. Curl up with your ex in a velvety private nook, or flaunt your latest on the sun dappled deck.

Get up close and personal with the Atlantic Ocean and then let nothing come between you. Not a road, not a building - not even a tacky branded pool umbrella. Nothing but big beautiful blue and you. At The Bungalow.

Number1@CliftonOne.saynomore is the address that is as far away from Camps Bay as Namos is from Corfu. This elegant, carefree location oozes a post siesta glow.

Here barefoot is the new Louboutin as the sun drowns itself in a pink puddle most nights. And yes we just got soppy about the sunset - no need be a bitch about it.

GPS COORDINATES: 33 56'34.48S 18 22'28.00E



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  • english

Contact Details


  • The Bungalow
  • Glen Country Club
  • 3 Victoria Road (Old LA Med),Clifton
  • 8005


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