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Cango Wildlife Ranch

The Cango Wildlife Ranch has an uncanny knack for making exciting things even more exciting. Spot a man-eating Nile Crocodile as he camouflages himself as a log, or take it up a notch and cage dive with him.

Visit the snake park and have a python wrap around your body. View the big cats and then see if you can make the world’s fastest cat purr with a cheetah encounter.

Many of the animals in the Cango Wildlife Ranch were rescued and rehabilitated from the surrounding area, while some snakes and crocodiles only stay for a short while as they take part in a breeding exchange program that eliminates interbreeding. Interestingly, Bengal tigers and Pygmy hippos are being bred at the ranch in captivity to help ensure the survival of their species, so while you’re having fun on your trip, you’ll also be helping contribute to the survival of endangered species.


  • Wildlife ranch in Outdshoorn, just off the Garden Route section of Route 62
  • Crocodile cage diving, cheetah encounters, snake park and more
  • Focus on animal rehabilitation, conservation efforts and sustainable breeding programs

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Cango Wildlife Ranch

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