Noise levels from Cape Town Stadium deemed “acceptable”

Despite some complaints from local residents about noise from the new Cape Town Stadium during recent “test” events, scientific tests indicate that the noise level is reasonable.

The noise from all three test events held so far peaked at 60 decibels outside the stadium, according to tests done by the City of Cape Town. This is considered “a reasonable level for outdoors”, says the city’s executive director of health services, Dr Ivan Bromfield.

“Any event of this nature will have some noise impact on the immediate environment”, he said. “These complaints would be justified under normal conditions but, in these cases, these reasonable noise levels came from permitted and controlled events approved by the city.”

Dr Bromfield said the Provincial Noise Control Regulations don’t prescribe specific maximum noise levels because they would change constantly, depending on location of the tests, time and weather. “Rather, the regulations allow for these events to be exempt from set noise levels, but subjected instead to strict conditions imposed by the City of Cape Town.

“One must note that the 60 decibel maximum reading outside the stadium was taken outdoors and that the level indoors would be lower.”

He said similar events in the past had yielded levels of more than 80 decibels outdoors.

Music events usually generate the most noise and it would not be possible to compare the noise levels with those from the old stadium until a musical event was held in the new Cape Town Stadium, Dr Bromfield said.


Issued by: Communication Department, City of Cape Town

Media enquiries: Pieter Cronje, Cell: 082 465 4965

Dr Ivan Bromfield, Tel: 021 400 2100, Cell: 084 629 5364

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