Guest Relations Programme makes for great exposure

June was a very busy but successful month for the PR and communications team: We implemented a targeted plan for hosting international media who visited Cape Town as part of their World Cup coverage. The primary reason for our hosting was two-fold: To grow our media database and to let media experience our destination firsthand. This guest relations hosting was planned with both a proactive and reactive approach.

As part of the proactive, we contacted press officers of the following teams and offered them guest relations services: Netherlands, France, Brazil, England, Italy, Japan, Paraguay and Uruguay. The following officers from each country were contacted:

•    Chief of press,
•    National press officers,
•    Football associations, and
•    Unions of journalists.

Cape Town Tourism partnered with Coffeebeans Routes, the Green Cab and Cape by Design Tours to offer the media unique and diverse experiences, whether to do with food, wine, music, community, craft, development or going green. These tours allowed the media to cover the unknown stories of the communities they were visiting from a personal perspective. 

Cape Town Tourism has hosted more than 600 members of the media on tours and sightseeing excursions for the month of June, whose number includes journalists and reporters from major newspapers, broadcasters and online platforms in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, China, South Korea, Australia, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Japan, Uruguay, Cameroon and Ghana.

The outcome of these media trips is the overwhelmingly positive coverage of the World Cup in Cape Town, to which millions of viewers and readers internationally have been exposed.

Members of the media can take part in Cape Town Tourism’s Guest Relations Programme, whereby they will be hosted throughout their stay in Cape Town and support coordinating interesting and unique itineraries that showcase Cape Town and the surrounding areas will be provided. Contact for more details.

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