Free Wi-Fi for bustling Greenmarket Square precinct

For an initial six months only, Capetonians can enjoy free wireless internet at South Africa’s oldest public space, Greenmarket Square. In a unique collaboration between Cape Town Partnership and Skyrove, a Wi-Fi hotspot provider, locals will now have access to browse 10MBs worth of free internet daily.

The free wireless internet will be a welcome addition to Greenmarket Square’s newly developed residential community, its revamped retail area and outdoor marketplace.

“Businesses on Greenmarket Square will see a significant increase in the number of people lingering in their establishments, as more locals will schedule meetings outside of the office – or linger over coffee – while they enjoy wireless internet in the cosmopolitan bustle of this 300-year old heritage space”, says Henk Kleynhans, CEO of Skyrove.

Kleynhans adds: “The influx of visitors to popular tourist locations during the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ will be significant and we wanted to ensure that we could accommodate even the most tech-savvy soccer revellers and possibly enhance the attractiveness of the precinct.”

“As we constantly strive to make Cape Town a valuable resource for both cultural and creative inspiration, Skyrove’s proposition has assisted us to strengthen our positioning as a creative hub,” says Cape Town Partnership senior project manager, Terri Carter. She adds, “We hope to roll out similar projects around the city very soon.”

The City of Cape Town has spent more than R18-million on upgrading Greenmarket Square. The first phase saw the granite cobbles, laid in 1965, lifted and cleaned before being rearranged at new levels to accommodate surrounding restaurants. In addition, CCTV cameras and pedestrian lights were installed, new bollards, benches and signs were added and the sidewalks paved. The roof of the ablution facility is being transformed into a stage to allow for special events, such as lunchtime concerts, which will further enhance business in the square.

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