Destination South Africa comes out tops for value for money and authenticity

The Country Brand Index (CBI) Report 2008 was officially released at The World Travel Market in London, yesterday. The report names South Africa among the Top Ten Brand Countries in both the Authenticity and Value for Money Brand categories; the latter being a new entry for South Africa.

The CBI examines how countries are branded and ranked according to key criteria, and identifies emerging global trends in the world’s fastest growing economic sector – travel and tourism, which has already accounted for US$5.9 trillion in economic activity worldwide this year, as well as more than 238 million jobs.

The CBI recognizes that countries, as brands, need to differentiate themselves. Cape Town Tourism’s CEO, Mariètte du-Toit Helmbold says the findings of the report mirror the marketing strategy for South Africa’s top holiday destination; “Cape Town is an iconic destination – it offers a myriad of authentic and real value for money experiences.”

The Country Brand Index also revealed a number of important trends emerging in travel. Some of these include a shift from traditional to authentic travel, specialized travel (focused on interest groups- e.g. women only), spontaneous travel for time-strapped working people and religious travel ( pilgrimages to important spiritual sites and philosophical zones). Natural beauty is still the biggest factor in making a destination selection.

“Cape Town is a match for the ‘new world traveler’. The Mother City’s breathtaking natural beauty, sophisticated tourism infrastructure and world renowned attractions and facilities contribute to Cape Town’s status as one of the top city travel destinations of 2008,”,” comments du-Toit Helmbold.

The report also noted that Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East are experiencing higher travel growth rates than the world average.


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